Hello there!

Be inCREDIble! Become a part of the Crediwatch journey to being one of the leading fintech and data science companies in India that is constantly innovating with AI/ML technologies.

Why Crediwatch?

We work towards the financial inclusion of small businesses, unlocking value for business owners and building trust in the business ecosystem.

We are committed to recruiting inCREDIbles – superstars with the right motivations. While there are dozens of opportunities with startups that you might want to consider as a top candidate, being a part of the Crediwatch team is truly special. After all, inCREDIble means ‘truly exceptional’. You get to work with a great set of people who see the world a little differently, serving a significant social, economic and business need with in depth expertise in technology. We can assure you that this is the place where you get to do the work you will be proudest of.

Our Values and Objectives

To be inCREDIble, you must believe in -

  • Being Frugal
    Being resourceful, self-sufficient and innovative
  • Customer Obsession
    Constantly listening to customers; testing, enhancing and improving the customer experience
  • Driving For Results
    Focussing on the end result of any task 
  • Breakthrough Simplicity
    Following the innovative approach that makes everything simpler
  • Dive Deep
    Arriving at a solution-based approach to problem solving and idea creation
  • Encourage and Improve
    Encouraging and promoting team work and focussing on continuous self development at every stage.
  • Ethical and Respectful
    Willingness to do the right thing – even if it is hard; Being courteous and focused on the best in others

All that we do at Crediwatch is aligned using these values and objectives as our guiding principles. Our performance management system, KPIs and incentive systems are designed to ensure that we are all true to these Business Objectives.

Life @ Crediwatch

We are a professionally managed organisation that respects team-driven workflows, but we also believe in giving individuals the freedom to flourish in their own right. We have a great culture and an enabling environment. Everyone is there to help and all teams work together to take our world-class products to market. We believe in being caring, respectful, and inclusive. We are inCREDIbly fun, informal, have an open-door policy and communicate on a first-name basis.

Free lunch & excellent
filter coffee

There isn’t one person who isn’t a fan of Yashodhamma’s filter coffee. Trust us, you will be too!

PS4 and Foosball breaks

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. We don’t want our Jacks to be dull.

Pet Friendly

Does your pet ever wonder where their human goes everyday? Not anymore.

We come together as a team at our quarterly Unconference - to re-energize and re-group and just enjoy each other as part of a successful team. We learn, ideate and have fun...and we did not forget to do this even in pandemic situations.

Hear from the inCREDIbles