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Enterprise SaaS offerings in India are expected to hit $50 billion in revenues by 2030. We are excited to be a part of that action! And we know you might want in as well. Become a Crediwatch Channel Partner to unlock potential revenues with your existing and future clients. Give your customers the power to make informed decisions.

Crediwatch for your Customers

Bring your customers the latest AI/ML-powered tools in risk analytics, credit risk intelligence, deep business insights and decision-making tools for growth. Crediwatch combines the power of public and private data to provide business leaders with proprietary insights. Your customers can bring together private ERP data with public and alternative data for the best insights on businesses that matter to them.

Benefits of becoming a Channel Partner

Crediwatch Partners are entitled to commissions based on the number of installations and extent of use of our products and services. Partners can reap multifold benefits in the long run. CW’s products and open API protocols cover over 10 million businesses across sectors.

How to become a
Channel Partner

To ensure that you are equipped with information and capable of closing deals smoothly, Crediwatch assists you with free access to our platform, exclusive discounts, dedicated marketing support, and several other initiatives.

Partner Onboarding

Exchange of documentation and partner induction to understand the goals of the partnership

Partner Training

Coaching of the sales team on all product-related information with relevant support for complex/competitive deals

Unlock the #PowerToBe

Supercharge your lending operations using our state-of-the-art predictive models and data analytics. Trust, know, and grow with confidence.