Welcome to CEAP

Crediwatch Early
Adopters Program

What is CEAP?

CEAP is an exclusive group of Crediwatch users who are invited to participate in our product research.

What do you have to do?

Use our Crediwatch platform and give us your feedback. Tell us your wishlist. It’s that simple.

What do you get in return?

FREE Crediwatch CREDITS! We appreciate your time with us and we promise you multiple rewards as a part of the CEAP!

Other Exclusive Benefits

Early Access

Get early access to experience the platform and its newest features.

Exclusive Community

A community of users experimenting with an AI/ML powered product.

Make an Impact

Collaborate with our product and design teams and engage in product enhancement activities.


Access to an exclusive newsletter for CEAP.

About Us

Crediwatch is a Digital Trust Platform that uses explainable AI, ML, Open APIs, and Data Exchange Protocols to amplify digital trust in the trade and credit ecosystem. Crediwatch works with leading Financial Institutions, Businesses, Marketplaces, and Platforms to reduce friction cost and tap into exponential opportunities using Data Insights, Intelligence, and Technology.