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7 Jan, 2021


We are here to help


We are here to help

Crediwatch is an insights platform. Users can find and order insights and data on nearly 14 million businesses on the platform. The platform’s basic features include searching our extensive databases and downloading basic reports. Advanced features include Trust Score of a business entity, monitoring businesses by creating a portfolio and in-depth reports.

Crediwatch’ s C-360 Report is a basic report that gives you a quick view of a business. Use these reports to rapidly browse through companies, do market mapping and understand your suppliers, competitors and vendors.

Crediwatch’s C-Risk Report is a comprehensive, machine learning (ML)-driven insights scorecard to evaluate businesses. Assess the health of your borrowers, suppliers, vendors and competitors. Users can order these reports to get a much deeper understanding of businesses entities or parties of interest.

Crediwatch is for business owners, business leaders, risk officers, lending officers, procurement officers, corporate strategy teams, analysts, journalists covering businesses, b-school students and faculty and anyone who needs a deeper view into business entities.

A Crediwatch TrustScore is a composite score that assesses both the financial and non-financial parameters of a business entity. Within the Crediwatch universe, we have created a proprietary single-score capsule based on multi-dimensional analysis that indicates the overall health of entities. This is a comparative view based on our ML-driven analysis of businesses across multiple databases that we have aggregated and monitor on a continuous basis.

Crediwatch features are available only to signed in/logged in users.

New users can access the platform for FREE with a one-month trial subscription. However, access to the Crediwatch platform starts at INR 500 per quarter.

Credits are given to all signed up users to place orders on the platform. Users can avail credits to order reports on parties of interest (business entities or people). Signed in users can purchase additional credits whenever required.

Crediwatch users get access to a dashboard that provides information about user activity, latest updates and insights published exclusively on the platform.

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